KK1L 2x6 Antenna Switch
Control / Band Decoder Unit
2 Radios to 6 Antennas

"I gotta build me one of them!"
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KK1L station configuration - How I use these boards.
Control / Band Decoder Unit Information
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Frame Frame
Controller / Dual Band Decoder Schematic (PDF) Latest version (4.8)!
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Includes two fully independent band decoders and the logic to control the 2x6 switch relays. The configuration is highly flexible. Use the decoders to drive the relays or something else if you wish.
Provides antenna lockout to prevent putting both radios on the same antenna (a bad thing!). Includes hot switch protection and optoisolated band data & PTT inputs. Band data can be wired on DB25 LPT connectors (classic defacto standard) or BCD inputs (Yaesu, K3, or custom cable from other 4 bit band data devices).

Version 4.8 includes the feature to make it easy to combine both the auto band decoding and manual antenna switching using a 7 position rotary switch!

Auto Band Decode Modification Instructions for previous versions 4.7 and 4.3
Adding StackMatch control
Bandpass Filter Switching Ideas
Control / Dual Band Decoder PC Board Layout (PDF) Latest version (4.8)!
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High quality FR4 double sided 1oz copper, masked, and silk screened both sides. Dimensions: 6.125" x 4.0".
Designed in sections, so all sections do not need to be populated. If you have no need for the band decoders then, you can just populate the relay driver and antenna lockout section. An AC to DC regulator section is included in case you do not have a 12V DC source.
If you have a decent junk box and are creative, then you can build this pretty cheaply.

Available for purchase. Email for availability.
Construction Information (and other info!)
Chassis Dimensional Drawings (TU N1BAA!)
How To Connect YCCC (K1XM) SO2R Box
How To Connect MK2R SO2R Box
Mouser Project File:
Please note: All electronic parts are included in the project files. Any unneeded part can easily be removed from the Mouser order. There are "optional" parts included in the list.

Controller/Band Decoder Parts

Included in Mouser Project File Ten-Tec
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